From basic reconciliations and understanding your income statement and balance sheets to budgets and job costing, managing your small business can be quite complex. At Silver Star Bookkeeping in Ringgold, GA, we want to share our knowledge with you. Browse our blog below to learn more about how to be smart about your money.

The Importance of Working With an Experienced Bookkeeper

An experienced bookkeeper will not just record your transactions and reconcile your books. We will do a deep dive into your books. We will take a look at your reconciliations, as well as your registers, to verify there are no transactions sitting uncleared. 

Your books may reconcile, but how often are you reviewing the uncleared transactions to see if they are true outstanding transactions? These transactions affect your income statement so you want to make sure they are cleaned up. While reviewing the reconciliations, we make sure everything is allocated correctly and balanced. Checking and credit cards are not the only things that need to be reconciled; we take a look at your loans, payroll liabilities, and sales tax liabilities as well. 

We review the Income Statement and Balance Sheet to make sure they are as clean as possible to paint you a clear picture of how your business is operating.

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